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Fishing Towns

There are eighteen in all, dotting the entire Asturian coast. They all have the appeal of fishing towns and villages with their old quarters, restaurants and cider taverns serving seafood cuisine, their promenades, harbours, beaches, cliffs and sea views. They offer up charming surprises at every turn along the Asturian coastal strip, providing many lasting memories.


There are more than two hundred, of all sorts and kinds: large and small sandy beaches, pebble beaches and hidden coves. Each and every one has a charm of its own and, depending on its characteristics and amenities, allows different water sports to be practiced, including surfing and fishing. Three hundred and forty-five kilometres of coast in Asturias where travellers can fully enjoy this delightful diversity.


The east coast of asturias is defined by the amount of steep and abrupt cliffs that mark it. There are many routes, paths or paths to walk alongside them. In addition, surprising “Bufones”, natural “geisers” who spit out air and sea water in a violent manner are well known



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