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If Asturias is a paradise for the senses, you will never forget the sense of taste. In this region the cult of the palate can be perceived by the fact that practically everything is celebrated, commemorated, remembered or enjoyed around a table covered with a tablecloth.

The green Asturian terrain is a symbol of fertility, food from a rich fertile land and pasture for cattle producing their famous meat and milk. More than three hundred kilometres of coastline and some of the best Cantabrian ports guarantee excellent fish and shellfish cuisine. It can be said, therefore, that Asturias is a true natural pantry.

We must mention the two star products of Asturian gastronomy. La Sidra and La Fabada.

Cider. Is more than just a drink in Asturias; it is truly a culture and a way of life that begins in the apple orchards, passes through the cider mill (llagar) and ends in the cider tavern (chigre) and in parties held in cider mills (espichas), accompanied by good food and music.

Fabada. Is a bean stew. Fabada is made with dried large white beans  (soaked overnight before use) shoulder of pork, tocino, black pudding and chorizo.

Anyway, depending on each taste, from our accommodation we advise on the appropriate restaurant where to taste the varied gastronomia Asturian.



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